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Industry, Innovations, Developments, Challenges, Competition, System, Solution, News, Views, Reach, Recognition, Ambition, Growth and more... Find all that is important... all that is worth a read !!!


Valco Melton announced the formation of Valco Meltn India, the wholly owned subsidiary of the
Cincinnati based Corporation in the year 2011. With over sixteen years of industry experience related to Industrial Automation, Coding & Marking, Packaging Solutions, Adhesive Dispensing & Quality Assurance Systems- Ravi Kiran, as the Director of Valco Melton India, has taken the company to new heights. In a free wheeling conversation with Neha Mishra, he talks about the challenges the company has faced, the developments he has witnessed and the undoubted success the company has achieved. Interview Excerpts...

1. Let us start with your experience in the industry. Your learnings, challenges you faced and growth you have achieved.
Industry is growing and studies says Indian packaging industry is expected to reach billion $73 in 2020. So There will many new opportunities are going to come, of course new challenges.
Every new application is challenging and chance for new learning. Innovation and development are the keys to be successful in this industry. Packaging is one of the key segment in our growth.

2. Share with us your comments on the Industrial Packaging segment of the industry.
It is expanding and developing day by day. New opportuntiies from the new segments like E commerce are growing. Indian packaging industry is anticipated to register 18 percent annual growth rate, with the flexible packaging and rigid packaging expected to grow annually at 25 percent and 15 percent, respectively.Indian packaging machinery exports are rapidly growing.

3. The readers would want to know about the solutions Valco Melton provides to the Industrial Packaging segment.
Packaging machinery for adhesive dispensing may include enclosing or protecting products for distribution storage, sales and use, with requirements as diverse as carton sealing, tray forming, palletizing or bottle labeling. Valco Melton is a world leader in packaging adhesive dispensing equipment and systems for both hot melt and cold glue applications. From simple hand gluing applicators to the complex micro-processor activated dotting valves, along with a variety of melt tanks, auto-feeders, pumping systems, bracket packages and controls, and compatible replacement parts, we offer a complete selection of equipment specifically designed to provide the flexibility your system requires. Valco Melton has developed complete "off-the-shelf" hot melt or cold glue conversion kits for most popular makes of machines

4. This issue focuses on Cartons & Paperboards; tell us about the latest developments from Valco Melton for the industry.
Valco Melton has introduced All Electric hot melt solutions to most of the packaging high speed application. All electric system can Improve Production Line Efficiency, Eliminate Consumable parts and Downtime, Reduce Adhesive by 60-70% .

5. What other industries does Valco Melton cater to? Which is the most profitable industry segment?
Valco Melton provides the best solutions in corrugated, folding carton, wide web hot melt coating, non woven, wood working, automotive etc industries.

6. Valco Melton is expanding world-wide. How would you compare the international with the Indian market.
Indian market is developing market.The per capita packaging consumption in India is quite low at 4.3 kgs, compared to other developed countries  where it is around 42 kgs. So there are many opportuntiies in this market.

7. Which is the most promising country? How is the competition?
India is one the fastest growing for us, Yes there is a competition but always our best service and support to our customers plays a key role.

8. How do you market your products? Which is the most effective medium?
We have a direct sales and service team across the country. So we do direct sales. We participate in all major shows India and globally to promote our products.

9. What are the future plans of the company?
We have been successful in all our standard systems and we will focus more on our quality assurance systems like pack check along with our standard products.

10. What more would you like to read in a magazine like Industrial Packaging. Your suggestions...
The magazine should be very informative about latest developments of market, new innovations, market demands, products and technologies. It will be interesting for all the industry readers.

The prestigious LABELEXPO has partnered with Industrial Packaging Magazine. This has widened our reach not only in India but globally as well.

Around 50 km from Pune, in the lush greens of Shirwal, lies the huge manufacturing unit of Nichrome
India. Above 14 acres of infrastructure includes the office, the assembling & the manufacturing spaces…all suitably situated and connected. Walking through the main door, Neha Mishra found a welcome message for herself and the beaming Nichrome team all enthusiastic about sharing their story with Industrial Packaging & Food Technology Magazine. Here are the excerpts from the freewheeling conversation with Hemant Ogale, the Managing  Director & Raosaheb Rayanade, Associate VP- Sales & Marketing from Nichrome India Ltd.!

Tell us about your experience in the industry Mr. Ogale!
Hemant Ogale: It has been a long journey of more than 33 years in the industry. Though my stint has mostly been into the dairy segment, I have always been in sync with what is happening in the packaging industry as a whole. I have known Nichrome since my long tenure at Alfa Laval Agri and it was a pleasure to join them in 2014 as the Managing Director of the company.

How has Nichrome evolved over the years?
HO: Nichrome started its journey by providing packaging solutions in the dairy segment. Gradually it progressed to solids, which today is the major market. In liquids the packaging is provided for oil and milk; in solids it is for grains, pulses, powders, agro chemicals, pharma products, tea, coffee…the list is long.

So, where is Nichrome placed today?
HO: Nichrome is no longer a packaging machine manufacturing company. It is a provider of complete packaging solutions. Today we offer end to end solutions starting from blending- mixing- grinding- conveying- filling-packing to post packaging without any manual intervention.

To add to it, we do not work as suppliers to our clients, but work together with them. We understand their requirements and we evolve our solutions and services. It is a mutual growth process.

In terms of performance, we are offering higher speeds now. Where we started with around 1200 pouches per hour, we have reached to 12000 pouches per hour. Where speed increases, the manual handling is also minimised, so innovations keep happening. First you develop a machine with high speed and then offer suitable end of line solution to handle higher outputs. From 1% accepted ratio of leakage, we have curtailed to 0 .5% and 0.25%. We also offer higher accuracies and reduced wastages resulting in value addition to users.

Basically we evolve as per the changing requirements and that is how Nichrome is placed among the leading companies today.

In 2011, Nichrome entered into collaboration with TOTPACK for the use of Spanish technology. Where is the company now on that front?
HO: Nichrome has always been open to adopting a technology that can help its machines perform better. We do use the technology provided by TOTPACK from Spain, in manufacturing of horizontal form-fill-seal machines & pick fill seal machines  and Prodo-Pak from USA for multilane packaging machines.

What are the new segments you are catering today and what are the potential markets?
HO: Agro chemicals is a new area we have entered into. It is a challenging field. Pharma also is a potential sector. Seed is another growing market. Spices, however, has been our main market and is a major contributor to our business.

You are a pioneer in food! Talking of the pharma segment, what are the solutions you provide?
Mr. Raosaheb Rayanade joins in to answer this…
RR: In pharma we provide solutions for tablets, powders and gels. Everything that our horizontal form fill seal machines can handle is taken up by us. The technology of Totpak is helping us here.

Mr. Rao, we would like to know about your experience in the industry as well!
RR: I joined Nichrome in 1981 and so as you can see my entire career has been with the company. What has retained me is my passion towards my work, the job satisfaction at the company and the challenges of meeting new demands of the market. Nichrome, for me, is a family. I love being here!

How is the customer perspective changing these days?
RR: Customers look at total performance of the machine- the speed, the precision, the accuracy, the return on investment and  we do try and meet their changing demands and perspectives. We do innovate new products and solutions for them and that is how we maintain the relations.

For example- in the segment of edible oil packaging, we had developed a machine which gave 42-45 packs per minute. Recently we conducted some trials with 7 & 9 layer films and we could bring 60 packs per minute- which is the highest in industry. We are trying to innovate packaging by introducing pouches with jar properties and premium small size sachets. ITC has taken up the ghee sachet solution for markets expansion and it is picking up fast. More people are going for smaller pouches, mostly in south! People in south prefer curd and buttermilk with each meal and so small (one time use) pouches are very much in demand in these segments today. Thus, the markets evolve customers’ perspective change and thus we grow.

If you develop a solution for a client and a competitor comes looking for similar solution, how do you handle it? How do you maintain customer relations in such situations?
HO: Whenever we develop a specific solution for a client, we enter into NDA (non- disclosure agreement). As per the agreement, we define a period till when we are restricted to offer the same solution to any other client.

Nichrome India eyes Rs. 150-crore turnover by 2015-16. What would you owe the growing demands to?
HO & RR: Export markets are working well for us. Presently Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Middle East, SAARC and South East Asia are bringing in good business for us. We have a PAN India presence and in other countries we have channel partners to develop and support these markets.

Besides this, the new product being launched like the multilane stick packs being catered to hospitality and food chain industries are also the driving factors.

Thus the expansion of market & the expansion of product portfolio…together they are set to generate revenue.

Tell us about the specialty packaging for ready-to-eat foods.
RR: Ready to eat is catching up very fast and this is one more area we have started catering to. We offer Pick Fill Seal machine using pre-formed pouches to pack RTE foods. Our customers retort these packages to offer long shelf life for the product.

How do you compete with your competitors?
HO: We are among the leading companies and we offer solutions for various verticals. Most other companies work in individual segments. We cannot compete on the price front as we have to maintain this infrastructure- set ups and so we focus on value additions. We do provide optimum solutions.

How many machines do you manufacture in a year?
HO: It is around 400 machines per year. Most of these machines are customised to meet client’s requirement.

What are your marketing strategies?
HO: We believe the digital marketing is enhancing our reach up so we are concentrating more on that. Then, there are the national & international trade expos. We also advertise through effective print mediums.

For any further details on Nichrome, write to us at

The vacuum specialist Schmalz is extending its range of vacuum generators with very high suction rates with the launch of the new basic ejector SBPL (Schmalz Basic Pump Large). It is particularly well suited for safe handling of various work pieces and enables short cycle times.

Schmalz has greatly increased the efficiency of the ejector over its predecessor. The new eco nozzle technology is based on a multi-stage venturi concept and ensures an optimum combination of suction capacity and energy efficiency: Thanks to the eco nozzle, the suction rate in the range from -200 to -600 mbar is, in some cases, twice as high as before. Evacuation and cycle times have been reduced considerably.

When constructing the new basic ejector, the Schmalz experts also attributed great importance to the product design. The main body and nozzle system are made of extremely robust plastic. This makes the ejector highly resilient and 50 percent lighter than its predecessor, which was made from aluminum. The modular design also presents practical advantages to the user: The SBPL can be cleaned very quickly and is also very easy to maintain. The new Schmalz product is available in two varieties: The HF high-flow version (for the range up to -500 mbar) is ideal for handling porous work pieces such as cardboard, packaging and insulating material. The HV high-vacuum model (for the range from -500 mbar) is the perfect solution for transporting airtight work pieces such as glass or wood. The following optional accessories are available for the SBPL basic ejector: vacuum switch, vacuum gauge, quick exhaust valves, solenoid valves, filter and exhaust duct.

Introducing Kishor Butani is not easy, reason being the several significant positions he holds. He is the Global Director Sales and Customer Relations at Robatech Group; Member of Executive Board, at Robatech Group; Regional Sales Director at US + Pacific, Far East, ANMESA, and CEO + Director, Robatech India Pvt. Ltd. Where sky is the limit, his vision has kept him moving & growing. In a tete-a-tete with Neha Mishra, he talks about the industry, innovations & ideas. Excerpts…

Q. Tell us about the latest developments at Robatech.
A. We have lots of product and technology developments happening. High melting rate RobaDrum 200 with least residual wasted glue left in drum to fastest and most reliable hotmelt applicator head SpeedStar (800 cycles/second with 250 million cycles life) – we have many such products being launched every year. You will see a lots of new stuff at Drupa in Düsseldorf, Germany or FachPack in Nurnberg, Germany.

This might be of interest for you and your readers to know that in such difficult global economic environment, we are growing. We are extending our international network of representatives worldwide. We are hiring new people to enhance our team of experts and we constantly look at the market carefully to determine new needs and requirements for the development of innovative products and solutions.

Last year we celebrated Robatech’s 40th anniversary proudly. We were 430 of us together on Robatech Cruise at Santorini, Greece for a long weekend. This celebration brought the worldwide Robatech family together and encouraged the motivation and power to improve. For sure life time memories for all of us!
Q. How do you market your products?
A. Firstly, we maintain a large international network of Robatech representatives worldwide. We are present in almost 60 countries. Either with Robatech companies or with channel partners. This ensures local presence and care for our customers by a team of sales and service experts.

Secondly we are present at many local and international exhibitions and organize events, demonstrations and trainings locally. This enhances the personal contact to our customers, supporting and advising them.

Comprehensive we maintain a large and worldwide presence in different media, channels and (online) platforms, including our group website. We inform about the company, all products, the developments and happenings constantly. We regularly publish reports, business cases and PR messages and we produce application movies to present our capabilities.

Informing constantly and personal proximity are important aspects in the marketing of our products and company. During this presentation always our key values are centered:
·       Green Efficiency - we take responsibility and use resources sustainably
·       Global Service & Presence - best in class service supporting and caring for our customers, close to our customers
·       Innovation & technology leader - through innovation and development we optimize the gluing process, with the desire to improve
·       Partnership - reliability and quality of products and services - being successful together.

Q. How do you retain your customers? What kind of competition do you face in the process?
A. We firmly believe that good technical solution supported by a strong after sales support is the key to building customer confidence and trust. Competition is part of any business. Some people try to win short term business. Today’s customers are well educated and know well that he gets what he pays. We focus on our USP and strengths and work towards creating and adding values to our solution to customer with clear goal of ‘Delighted Customers’.
Q. How would you comment on the present status of the industry?
A. There is an ever growing demand in the industry for hotmelt solutions as the packaging trends as continuously evolving.  In this sense we are very fortunate as the curve of automatization is still at the very beginning phase only. There is lot more yet to start evening happening. No question that we see the demand going up in the years to come. 

Q. Tell us about some of your clients. How have they benefited using your products?
A. We have unique position in the market. We do not produce anything on stock and try to sell that. We always work towards understanding the customers’ application in detail and offer them suitable solutions to satisfy their requirements. Our products have helped satisfy customer needs of cost effective tamper evident packaging to increasing line efficiency depending on processes. We offer our customers benefits of energy savings and savings via our ecologically designed Hotmelt systems. Safety is key concerns with many customers these days and it is another key benefits our customers enjoy when they use Robatech. 

Q. Are you planning to enter new segments of industry? What developments can we expect at Robatech in coming years?
A. Globally Robatech works in 8 different industries with many focused segments in each industry. In India, we had been focusing mainly in packaging and a little in other industries. We would start working in other areas too. One specific segment we will focus a lot is Folding Carton segment of converting industry. Robatech has joined its force with WH Leary of USA to globally exclusively distribute its products for paper converting industries (except in US and UK). WH Leary is very strong supplier of cold glue applicators and complete quality assurance system. WH Leary has huge experience of successfully working with Graphic Packaging International, MeadWestVaco, Rock Tenn, MPS, Amcor and other such global key accounts. Now Robatech’s local technical service strengths and global network our customers can enjoy these benefits. 

Q. Tell us about your team. Do you encourage employee development programs at Robatech?
A. Our focus is to delight the customer with our products and services. We therefore have a strong Sales & Service team across India. We believe that continuous training is an important part of employee development and commitment. We emphasize on both technical and personality development trainings. Each of our team members identifies his professional and personal development areas with his team leader and we invest necessary time and/or resources required to achieve these objectives. 

Q. How have you, as a person, grown in all these years with the company?
A. I think only our customers and my team can reply you this question. I strongly feel that I would consider myself grown, only if I have been able to help our customers to solve some of their problems and or add some values in the professional development of my team. If you talk about authority, power, responsibilities, titles etc., for sure, I grew probably lot more than I deserve. In our type of organization, we enjoy huge opportunities and truly sky is the limit for growth. 

Q. Exhibitions play an important role in product marketing these days. What exhibitions do you participate in? How useful they have been.  
A. Exhibitions are integral part of our branding strategy. Exhibitions are excellent medium for us to connect with our existing as well as prospective customers under one roof. We use this medium to inform our customers of the new products in our stable as well. Since we cater to a large variety of Industry segments, we therefore try to participate in the Industry specific exhibitions of Printing, Graphics, Wood, Converting etc along with the general packaging exhibitions.
Q. What would you want to read in a magazine like IPFT? Any suggestions for the publication!
A. Bring true technology updates and real information of market which can help customers to know what is all happening around. My very best wishes to the magazine!

If you want to put forward any query to Mr. Kishor Butani, 

or Robatech India, send us an email at

More than 15 years at Parle Global Technologies (P) Ltd., with not a single day of monotonous routine! R.Ramanathan has liked & lived new challenges every day. Neha Mishra gets into a free- wheeling conversation with the influential COO & Director of the company. Excerpts…

Q. Packaging Companies have to be open-minded and think outside the box. How much do you agree to this?
A. Indeed. There should not be a second thought in this. It is necessary to listen to the customer needs clearly and support it with right / efficient solution. The solution can be either from their scope (with or without modification) or from a different suggestion, benefitting the need of the customer. I would not say it is necessary to go ‘out of the box’, but even within the experience and knowledge that you have, you must share / offer your best.

Q. What is new at Parle Global Technologies?
A. Parle has been expanding its manufacturing base in Ahmedabad. A series of new products have been launched in the pharma stream like our high speed printing machines for tablets, cartooning machines, high speed tube filling and closing machines, Counters with inbuilt inspection systems and so on.. The above are some from our manufacturing arms; from our Agency division especially in the F&B segment, we have introduced Retorts from Italy, Health bar / Snack bar lines, High speed can filling and seaming lines. Middle of last year, we had our first JV on the Food packaging stream with M/s. Leepack of South Korea. This was a proud moment to build stronger ties with a company with whom we were associated as an agent for 10 years or so.  

Q. To stand out you need to have distinctive features. Do Parle Global Machines follow this principle?
A. We do follow. We brainstorm & build in our equipments, features with difference, features that benefits the needs of the customers, in all try our most to bring the best ‘value for money’.

Q. How long have you been associated with Parle Global? How has been the experience? How have you grown with the company?
A. My association is since 1998. The experience in short can be stated as- not a single day I have felt bored; everyday has been exciting and challenging. I have no regrets on my growth. But it is important to share that the average tenure of the core team in the company is 14 years Plus. The average tenure of the middle level team is 6 years plus. This is something that is inspiring, where each individual gets his space, recognition, freedom, which builds the accountability and ownership in himself.

Q. Share with us your views on the present status of the industry.
A. Leaving the numbers aside, in our view the Industry is so vast and high potential exists for each to survive and succeed. There is high level of motivation seen towards automation, belief in reducing labour, reduction of wastages, in all towards investing more to improve the manufacturing standards. From our side, there is lot to do to meet the growing demands and dynamic changes in the industry.

Q. Right and wrong decisions are a part of business. Have you ever made any wrong decision at the company?
A. In my view ‘no decision is right or wrong; it is just appropriate to the situation’. I have made many such decisions, which has not got the desired objectives or goals that we intended to. Some have resulted in an short period effect and some long. However, we move on with a clear mind that ‘ your last mistake is your best teacher’.

Q. What kind of competition do you face in the Indian market?
A. Market competition has been the same; in the sense it has grown in proportion to the industry’s growth. This is required and will help to benefit the customer more with good options. However, it is necessary for the decision makers to ‘pay attention to details’ and not get carried away emotionally or without any rational in their decision. Price competition though being there, with law of differentiation and giving the cost benefit of your product’s features, this can be addressed. 

Q. Parle Global participates in several national as well as international trade exhibitions. How do you think events help in marketing of products?
A. Branding is an important area of focus at Parle Global. We recently have set up a dedicated ‘branding team’ and improving our scope there. Exhibitions, in particular helps in building visibility. Visibility of our team to learn about various aspects of the industry that helps us to take inputs towards betterment and Our customer’s visibility on Parle, helping them to understand the varied scope of products and services from parle. As it is said ‘out of sight is out of mind ‘; such participation and presence, helps you directly in business!

Q. What are the future plans of the company?
A. Parle has invested a lot in last one year in its expansion of existing operations and creating new facilities. Our goal has been to be the best partner to the customer and be with them through their needs to the extent that we can stand in line with our vision of ‘One roof solution provider’.

Q. What would you want to read in a magazine like IPFT? Any suggestions for the publication!
A. As a company designed to meet the customer needs, I would be keen to learn on the new projects that are coming up in various parts of India, in various segments. I would like to learn the current happenings in the industry and also something that speaks about the future & growing trends. I also take this opportunity to wish the magazine, a grand success in the days ahead.

If you want to put forward any query to Mr. R. Ramanathan 

or Parle Global Technologies, send us an email at

Giving more than 20 years of his commanding career to the production, design and developmental activities at SP Ultraflex Systems (P) Ltd., Biku Kohli, the Director of the company, now guides these departments, himself focusing solely on the growth of the organisation. He talks to Neha Mishra about the company reaching the milestone of 30 years of establishment. Excerpts…

Q. Thirty years of SP Ultraflex. How does it feel?
A. The company was established in the mid- eighties by my father Mr. Ravi Kohli with a modest team of ten members. SP grew steadily over the years, making its mark as a preferred supplier of Rotogravure Printing, Lamination and Slitting machines for the Flexible Packaging industry. We shifted our focus whilst at our peak in 2005 to develop a range of world class Slitting and Rewinding equipment and there has been no looking back since. We have constantly evolved with the times, re-inventing ourselves when necessary and today have the largest range of converting slitter rewinders globally. While our 30th anniversary is indeed a momentous occasion, the real celebration, more than the statistics or numbers or the machines sold, is about the relationships we have nurtured and the trust and credibility we have earned with our business associates over three decades. This provides us with the impetus to dream on.

Q. How do you feel the industry has changed in these 30 years?
A. Back in the eighties, the Flexible Packaging Industry was still in its infancy, with a handful of converters dominating the market place. It was an era of monopoly and secrecy, and a number of entry barriers kept away the lesser informed and lesser connected enthusiasts.  With the advent of globalisation and IT however, entrepreneurs became aware of the growth story of Flexible Packaging in India. The benefits of Flexible Packaging over traditional rigid containers came to be talked about. The abysmally low per capita consumption of Flexible Packaging in the country, accompanied by a high and fast growing population showed endless opportunities. This trend continues to the day, with products being packed in smaller sizes, further increasing consumption of packaging material.

Come to the present day, and we see a much more competitive scenario in the supply of Flexible Packaging material, with specialisation and consolidation being the order of the day. The customer is better informed and has multiple options at his disposal from among which he may decide based on quality, price and service. A small aberration can be cause enough for him to rethink. And yes, the volumes and stakes are much higher.

For the manufacturers of equipment, the challenge is to constantly update the technology that flows into the machines, thereby progressing in terms of speeds, mechanization, versatility and automation while at the same time keeping prices at an affordable level.

Q. Tell us about the recent installations of SP Ultraflex machines in India.
A. Having inducted the Dual Turret Slitter Rewinder, ROBOSLIT® into our standard range of slitter rewinders, a good share of the recently supplied machines have been from this series. In the last six months, we have supplied four ROBOSLIT® machines to convertors of repute, including one of India’s leading manufacturer of flexible packaging material based at Hyderabad, a leading company dealing with specialty films for food and non-food consumer products in Western India, a prominent laminate supplier of Northern India and a specialty film manufacturer focusing on renewable energy generation in Southern India. Two more ROBOSLIT® machines are due for dispatch in March 2016 while many more are lined up for production as more and more converters become aware of the advantages that turret technology has over conventional slitters. In fact, some of these are repeat machines to existing ROBOSLIT® customers. Apart from the dual turret slitting machines, we have also been regularly supplying our conventional slitters from the PRIMASLIT™ and ULTRASLIT® series to various existing and new customers in India and overseas.  

Our other products, namely the high speed Web Inspection Rewinder WIR REV and Doctoring Rewinding machine DRM REV are also being supplied regularly to both domestic and export markets, as more and more converters are focusing on total quality management in their plants. The Web Inspection Rewinder in particular is fast becoming indispensable for every printing-converting line, more so if they are looking at defect free unwind reels to utilise their dual turret slitter rewinder to its full rated speed and efficiency.

Q. Tell us about the industry segments your products cater to.
A. SP’s products cater to virtually every segment of the flexible packaging industry. Our clientele comprises of market leaders in the domain of packaging of agricultural products, consumer goods, hygiene and personal care products, food grains, sea food, oil, milk, confectionary and specialty film manufacturers (viz. breathable & non-breathable films, hard blister foil, films used in renewable energy). Our machines can cater to the needs of all convertors – whether they are dealing with film, paper, foil or film based laminates.

Q. Any plans of diversifying in other segments?
A. Our present portfolio already caters to a diverse industry segment and our vision now is to innovate further and present to the converting industry an optimum solution for all their needs like process improvement, higher yields and advanced automation, to name a few. Technology, Quality, Reliability and Affordability which are the mainstay of SP’s machines remain our focus as we realise this vision, keeping pace with the industry’s needs and using only the best resources from all over the world.

Q. Where are the machines manufactured? Tell us about your plant. Do you have R&D centres?
A. Presently, the machines are manufactured at our factory based in Mira Road, Thane. The manufacturing unit comprises of a Production cum Assembly hall, Demo hall, Stores, Design, Engineering, Sales & Service and Administration sections. R&D is carried out by a dedicated team of design engineers and application experts.

Q. What is more important for a machine- to be cost effective or to perform efficiently?
A. Maintaining equilibrium between cost effectiveness and performance has always been a challenging task. Focus on any one factor alone will not yield desired results. Our efforts at SP are always directed towards striking the correct balance. While adding to the efficiency of a machine in terms of output, features, automation and integrated material handling options, we also ensure that it is reliable, durable and maintenance free as far as possible. Our machines have an array of proprietary features which are the result of extensive R&D by our design and application team. These efforts do entail a premium but we consider ourselves fortunate to have a well-informed client-base who wouldn’t mind stretching their investment a little knowing that the cost-to-benefit ratio is favourable to them in the medium- long run.

Q. What developments will be seen at SP Ultraflex in coming years?
A. After assuming market leadership, the next challenge is to scale up operations while maintaining, even improving on the established track record in respect of quality and after sales support. To this end we are well into the process of decentralization of powers and responsibilities. We are also in the process of upgrading our ERP for more efficient management of information and processes within the organization.

In order to increase our capacity, we plan to add another plant in the close vicinity of the existing factory. We are looking at splitting the operations of the company into Manufacturing and Sales by shifting the complete manufacturing activities to the new plant and conducting sales and demos at the existing plant. The existing plant would also serve as a technology center for R&D efforts. We are also looking at opening area-wise branches in order to maintain close interaction with our customers, thus allowing them to benefit from GLOBAL technology through LOCAL presence.

Q. How do you see yourself growing with the company?
A. After having spearheaded the production, design and developmental activities of the organisation for the past two decades, I am excited to delegate these responsibilities to the respective core teams that we have developed within the organisation over the past few years. This will enable me to focus more on business development and oversee the fast paced growth of the company, providing direction and balance in the coming years.

Q. What would you want to read in a magazine like IPFT? Any suggestions for the publication!
A. At the outset, I would like to congratulate you for launching this magazine and wish you the very best. As a reader, I would love to receive the latest news, trends, best practices and new technologies of the industry through your publication. I would also like to read, participate and benefit from experiences, recommendations and success stories of industrialists, enabling exchange of ideas and technologies across all markets where packaging is the common thread.


If you want to put forward any query to Mr. Biku Kohli 

or SP Ultraflex Systems, send us an email at